Past Events

Drew’s Hear (Here) in Music Concert – February 9th, 2014

This is a donation-based admission concert featuring Culver Military Academy Music Ensembles playing works by Drew Shearin. See the flyer and press release below for more information. Please come out and support the memory of Drew Shearin and the Drew’s Gift Organization!

Webcast Available!

If you couldn’t make it to the event, watch it live online here.



Press release:

Kemble Manning, a Knox resident, is a senior at Culver Academies. For his senior service project, Kemble and classmate Denver Blackson, from Washington State, wanted to have an impact on the community with something that was near and dear to their hearts… music. Kemble and Denver did not know Drew personally but were moved by the mission of the Drew’s Gift organization.

This local charity has been raising money for the past few years to provide instruments to students who want to participate in band but cannot afford the instruments. Drew’s Gift of Music has supplied over $25,000 worth of instruments and services for students in the surrounding area. The charity is led by Drew’s mother, Deb Johnson. Her son Drew Shearin was a young man blessed with incredible musical talent.

Drew was a skilled musician and an award winning composer. His future seemed completely set until the unfortunate day that Drew’s life was taken in a fatal car accident. The community was crushed by the death of this young high school senior. Kemble and Denver wanted to give the local communities the opportunity to hear Drew’s true gift in a live concert.

The seniors have coordinated the Culver Academies Theater and Music Departments to prepare for the concert that will feature music composed by Drew Shearin. This concert is set to be on February 9th at 5 pm EST (4pm CST). It will be held in Eppley Auditorium, the main auditorium for the Culver Academies. There is no admission but donations to benefit Drew’s Gift will be taken at the door. T-shirts will also be given to those attendees who make a donation of at least ten dollars.

As two young musicians, Kemble and Denver saw a noble cause that was a perfect fit for them to give back to the community. Music has played such an important role in these young men’s lives. Kemble will be attending college in the fall to major in Music Education, with the hopes of becoming a band director. Perhaps the money raised will help put an instrument into the hands of a future student of Kemble’s. The importance is the thought and action to help out young children who may not have a chance to experience the most powerful sensation that there is, music.