WANTED: Instruments

WANTED: Instruments

Drew’s Gift of Music is a not-for-profit foundation whose mission is to help students who wish to learn, play, and further their education in music by providing musical instruments.

The amount of students we are providing instruments to is growing rapidly. 79% of the instruments in our program have been generously donated by people like you. Each one we receive is cleaned, repaired, and ready for a student to pick up and play. Even broken and damaged instruments are gladly accepted. What cannot be repaired is repurposed into many unique items to be auctioned at our annual Drew’s Gift event held on the first Saturday in August.

Your donation is also a tax deduction for you. Pull out those silent instruments that are taking up room in the back of a closet and help make a student’s wish of playing music come true. For more Information about Drew’s Gift find us on Facebook at Drew’s Gift of Music.

Drop off locations

Knox Banking Center
1501 S. Heaton, Knox
Mooney’s Ice Cream Parlor
 309 E Jefferson St,
Plymouth, IN 46563
$5.00 Ice cream card with instrument donation.